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Nadia Nakai finally seems to accept AKA’s death

Rapper Nadia Nakai accepts the new normal and shares Lynn Forbes’ Instagram status on how she has lived with trauma since AKA’s death. A few days ago, Nadia wore a strong face as she made her first appearance since the unexpected death of her boyfriend. Many fans enjoyed seeing how good and energetic she had been.

Emotionally, Nadia is not entirely well; but at least she now accepts the new normal of AKA’s death and is only trying to put food on her table and move on. Indeed, Nadia is going through a lot and needs the support she deserves now more than ever. Sharing on her Instagram, Nadia looked like she was getting into phases of emotional attacks; thank God she has friends supporting her to accept AKA’s death.

Nadia Nakai and AKA

After her decent live show, Nadia Nakai thanked the fans for supporting her; at least, she is now moving on. As she recovers, here is what she has to say about the trauma she has been living with since the shocking death of her boyfriend.

Nadia Nakai

Trauma affects people differently when they lose their loved ones. Some even follow their loved ones to death as they fail to accept and live with the new reality. Hopefully, this will not happen to Nadia Nakai, who seemed to accept AKA’s death as she shared Lynn Forbes’ Instagram post.

Sharing her Instagram status, AKA’s mom acknowledged that she is living with trauma, which is good news. At least she knows she needs to recover from the shock of AKA’s death and tries to find a way to live with it
It’s always been a wish to many of her fans as she gets to complete recovery; the good news is that Nadia finally accepts AKA’s death.

AKA and Nadia Nakai

She said she was utterly changed, and there was no way she would return to the old “Bragga”, as she is known. Without many words, Nadia accepted AKA’s death and had to live with it.

Source: News365

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