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Hopewell Chin’ono shares his thoughts about Sir Wicknell’s expensive car

A few days ago Sir Wicknell Chivayo trended on social media after he posted a video showing off his expensive Rolls-Royce car. The car is worth US$700k.

However, Daddy Hopewell Chin’ono decided to share his thoughts about the car. He had this to say:

“You are lucky that Zimbabwe’s opposition is not like EFF, and that Zimbabweans, in general, are not militant.
You looted public money meant for electricity, you delivered nothing.
Today Zimbabweans are sitting in the dark without electricity because of people like you, then you come to the same Zimbabweans and show off products bought from their blood and sweat?
One day the political cover you have will disappear, and one day Zimbabweans will wake up from their slumber.”

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