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Quonfuzed cleared of copyright claims

Qounfuzed has successfully reclaimed his copyrights after a battle with fellow musician Teepher B. The dispute arose after Teepher B made a copyright claim on Qounfuzed’s video for his hit song “BODY”, resulting in its removal from YouTube.

Qounfuzed and his team provided evidence to the YouTube board disputing the claim. After days of back and forth with the claimant, they were finally able to reclaim their copyrights without any penalties.
In a statement released on social media, Qounfuzed thanked his fans for their patience and support during this challenging time. He also expressed his forgiveness towards Teepher B, wishing him all the best in his music career moving forward.


We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences and disruptions caused by the confusion and controversies surrounding this particular song”BODY” but we can assure you that after all the reviews and investigations, proof & evidence from both parties was submitted to the YouTube board by our legal representatives and I was found NOT GUILTY therefore YouTube has restored the Video back to our channel and we have managed to reclaim back our 100% content copyrights that we legally own with no penalties on our channel as it was a false claim.

It has been a tough week and some days fighting back and forth with the claimant trying to find common ground but finally we are here to celebrate once again…

Thank you all for the patience and support during these challenging times, thanks to @zimuraonline @vokalofficial, @plotmhako @dikellydzim and lastly to the claimant I just wanna say God bless you you are forgiven and all the best in your music career moving forward”.

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