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Update on President on Mnangagwa firing Ambassador Uebert Angel

Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba has dismissed rumours that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has fired Presidential Envoy and Ambassador At Large Uebert Angel.

The rumours were spread by Mnangagwa’s biographer Eddie Cross.

Said Charamaba:

Following claims circulating in the social media that Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-at-Large, Ambassador Uebert Angel has been stripped of his ambassadorial status, kindly be advised that His Excellency the President, Dr ED who is the sole appointing authority of all Ambassadors representing the State of Zimbabwe, HAS NOT TAKEN SUCH A STEP. The Ambassador – at -Large remains in that status and executing all his duties as outlined at the time of his appointment. Please be so advised.

Source: Bulawayo24

In other news – Harare acting town clerk Mbhena Moyo up for criminal abuse of office

Harare City Council Acting Town Clerk, Engineer Phakhamile Mabhena Moyo is facing three counts of criminal abuse of office after allegedly allocating 29 residential and commercial stands to councillors and some council employees without following procedure.

It is the state’s case that on the 17th of June last year Mabhena in collusion with others who are still at large, generated a policy without lawful authority to benefit Harare City senior employees and councillors at the expense of rate payers.Learn More

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