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DJ Shugheta joins National FM

DJ Shugheta, who recently bid farewell to his long-standing tenure at Power FM, has embarked on an exciting new chapter in his career by officially joining National FM. The talented DJ’s transition from one prominent radio station to another has sparked considerable anticipation among music enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Having gained immense popularity during his time at Power FM, Shugheta has become a household name in Zimbabwe’s music scene. His exceptional mixing skills, deep music knowledge, and charismatic on-air personality have captivated listeners and solidified his reputation as a leading DJ in the country.

Shugheta’s decision to part ways with Power FM was met with surprise by many of his loyal fans who have enjoyed his energetic and engaging radio shows over the years. However, it became evident that his departure was driven by a desire to explore new avenues and take on fresh challenges within the radio industry.

National FM, known for its diverse programming and commitment to promoting Zimbabwean talent, was quick to recognize Shugheta’s talent and swiftly offered him an opportunity to join their team. The DJ gladly accepted the offer, acknowledging National FM’s dedication to showcasing local artists and its extensive reach across the country.

Speaking about his move, Shugheta expressed his gratitude for the support and love he received during his time at Power FM. He stated, “Power FM has been an incredible platform for me to connect with my audience and share my passion for music. I am immensely thankful for the opportunity and the wonderful memories I’ve made there.”

Shugheta continued, “However, the time has come for me to embrace a new challenge, and I am thrilled to be joining National FM. They have a strong commitment to promoting Zimbabwean music and supporting local talent. I am excited to contribute to their already stellar lineup and connect with an even wider audience.”

National FM’s management expressed their enthusiasm for having Shugheta on board, acknowledging his talent and his ability to connect with listeners. They believe his dynamic presence and vast musical knowledge will greatly enhance the station’s offerings and further solidify their position as a leading radio station in Zimbabwe.

As Shugheta settles into his new role at National FM, fans eagerly await the unveiling of his new radio show, expecting a fresh and captivating experience. With his exceptional track record and passion for music, it is certain that the DJ will continue to entertain and inspire his audience as he embarks on this exciting new journey.

In Zimbabwe’s ever-evolving radio landscape, Shugheta’s move from Power FM to National FM serves as a testament to the DJ’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. The entire music community is eager to see what this collaboration brings forth and eagerly awaits the exciting radio programs that Shugheta will undoubtedly deliver.

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