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Mai TT react to her leaked pictures

Comedienne Mai TT is all over social media after her n#de pictures leaked. The mother of two is going around after her n#des was leaked.

Mai Tt cleverly addressed the situation while also promoting a Father’s Day promotion for her client, Blue Lagoon, ensuring she secured her financial interests.

She went live on Facebook, attracting a large audience who were hoping she would directly confront the circulating images that could potentially harm her reputation as a brand ambassador but she disappointed her fans with her reaction.

she expressed her disinterest in engaging in gossip and emphasized her focus on securing the bag.

“Dzimwe nyaya dzisina musoro idzi hatina time mufunge. Life is too short to be looking for gossip. We are looking for money and ways of living handiti ka. Izvi zvemakuhwa zvakutoda vakagarika vane mari vakapedza hupenyu vakungogarira nyaya dzevanhu. Handiti ka,” she said.

Mai Tt later encouraged her followers to spread gossip and not shy away from discussing other people’s problems, as they were not their own.

“Plus munhu kana une nyaya dzemunhu usanyanyoremerwe gara uchidzibuditsa. Dzinokuremera because everyday vanhu vanovhura hombe pakurarama. Saka ukagara unadzo unoremerwa ukabutirirwa. Buditsa. Ukangoibata, buditsa because hadzisi dzako. Unozofa ne headache wakachengeta nyaya dzevanhu,” Mai Tt nonchalantly added.

She concluded the video by encouraging her followers to purchase something special for their fathers from Blue Lagoon and wished them a blessed Tuesday.

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