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Sir Wicknell celebrates his 4 new million-dollar cars

Businessman Sir Wicknell Chivhayo has added a new Rolls Royce to his fleet of cars . Chivhayo continues to prove that he has a life to live and he will do all it takes to enjoy his life

Has added a number of cars to his fleet in the past weeks. Many have questioned his source of wealth and how he makes this kinda money. Chivhayo however has given all thanks to the Almighty citing that it is not by his own doing but by the hand of God.


Wicknell Chivayo a.k.a Sir Wicknell is a businessperson in Zimbabwe known mostly for making posts on social media about his riches. His source of wealth is not known but he has been reported to be linked to corrupt business activities and having close ties to politicians in Zimbabwe including former President Robert Mugabe’s family. In February 2018, he was called upon by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy in regards with the Zesa solar tender he was given and how he won the tender.

Chivayo was acquitted of fraud charges he jointly faced with fellow Genius Kadungure relating to 1.5 million Rand where they allegedly swindled Kadoma miners Ivon and Enos Gatawa and Zanu-PF MP Dexter Nduna.

Wicknell Chivayo


The other car is still on its way and was recently seen being prayed for by one of his church members.

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Singer Yanga Sobetwa recently celebrated her birthday and reflected on her battle with mental health. The Idols SA season 14 took to Instagram to share that she has overcome depression and anxiety.

“It’s my 22nd birthday. It’s my ‘young adult era’ sana. Man, looking where I came from I was not supposed to make it,” Yanga said. The suicidal attempts, the severe depression and anxiety, the trauma. Hayi truly it’s only by God grace shame,” she added. The gospel singer also said that she has an upcoming tour.Learn More

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