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Stunner responds to Olinda Chapel’s birthday message

Yesterday Olinda Chapel trended on social media after she posted a lovely sweet message congratulating her ex-husband Stunner on his birthday. The message got mixed reactions as social media users thought Olinda Chapel was disrespecting her current husband Tytan by posting her ex-lover.

Chapel and Stunner’s marriage was highly publicized and filled with drama, including allegations of infidelity and abuse. The couple ultimately divorced in 2018, with Chapel stating that the relationship had become toxic and unsustainable.

Speaking to a local paper responding to Olinda’s birthday message, Stunner had this to say:

“Ever since I have been away from social media, my life has been so peaceful.”

He said when Olinda called him, during a live video which was later deleted, he was not aware that he was taking part in a live conversation.

“I hung up when I realised that ndandiri pajekerere,” he said.

When asked if he could return the favour and post something about her, he said:

Hapana kana chakashata but ndomuposter kana ndine airtime yacho.”

Stunner’s girlfriend took time to shower him with some love on her Instagram account.

“Desmond, I am afraid Instagram doesn’t have enough space for what I want to say, so let me just say this. You have blown my mind since the day I met you and I am so glad I did”.

With many judging him , Stunner seems to have found a place of low in which he feels loved and is glad to be himself again.

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