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Stunner’s girlfriend Mazekeen Jade spark pregnancy rumours

Rapper Stunner, a proud father of two daughters from previous relationships, is rumored to be expecting another child with his current girlfriend, Mazekeen Jade.

The couple’s social media interactions have sparked speculations about an upcoming addition to their family, generating a buzz among fans and followers.


The news first surfaced when Stunner playfully responded to a follower who jokingly mentioned that he was going to snatch Mazekeen Jade away from Stunner. In his response, he hinted at her pregnancy, mentioning the presence of an unborn baby and implying that simply snatching her would not be enough.

He wrote;

“You need a bulldozer and to also get rid of our unborn baby😌😌😌..Snatching won’t work😂😂😂”


Further fueling the speculation, Mazekeen Jade took to her Instagram stories to share a snapshot of herself enjoying a delicious pizza. Accompanying the image was a caption alluding to cravings, a telltale sign often associated with pregnancy. As fans connected the dots, the anticipation for an official announcement reached new heights.

The news of Stunner expecting another child with his current girlfriend, Mazekeen Jade, has stirred up a range of reactions among people. While some express excitement for the couple, others question the timing of their decision.

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Critics argue that they may have rushed into parenthood, raising concerns about their preparedness for such a responsibility.

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