Prophet caught red-handed trying to bed a married woman at shrine

There was drama when a self-proclaimed prophet from Kwekwe ran stark naked after he was busted trying to have sex with a married woman during a healing session at his shrine.

The prophet only identified as Chikandamina from the Amaveni suburb who is now on the run reportedly fled in his birthday suit after he was busted by the woman’s husband.

Midlands province police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident.

“We confirm that we are hunting down a prophet who attempted to rape his client as he told her that he needed to sleep with her to cast out the evil spirit that was tormenting her,” he said.

It is said the woman, desperate to be healed, visited a prophet only identified as Chikandamina at his shrine in the Amaveni suburb.

He told her that as part of the healing session, he was supposed to have sex with her.

“While he was still persuading her to sleep with him, the woman sent her husband a WhatsApp message informing him that Chikandamina was sweet-talking her so that he could have sex with him. “The husband rushed to the scene and upon arrival he found his wife lying on the ground while the prophet was removing his underwear ready to pounce on her,” said the source.

Upon seeing the woman’s husband, Chikandamina sprinted naked while clutching his pair of trousers and underwear.

The couple reported the incident to the police.

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