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Musician Tytan sued for s.e.x.ual harassment

Zimbabwean musician Tytan ex-husband of socialite and businesswoman Olinda Chapel has been accused of sexual harassment by a  former female employee at Gain Healthcare. The former employee is suing Tytan for sexual harassment, claiming that he made advances towards her while at his wife’s workplace.

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, revealed that she joined Gain Healthcare, a company owned by Olinda as a newly registered manager. She alleges that she did not receive appropriate inductions upon starting her job. During her tenure, she claims Tytan made unwelcome sexual advances towards her.


According to her statement seen by ZimCelebs, she reported these advances to her line manager on a Thursday. However, by the following Monday, she was summoned to speak with Olinda Chapel, the Director, and was unexpectedly terminated from her position.

Reasons cited for her dismissal allegedly included leaving work early, using a salon during work hours, and excessive messaging to management. The woman asserts that she was denied the chance to present evidence in her defense.

Subsequently, she received an email from a lawyer attempting to have her sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding her termination. Unwilling to comply, she reported the company to both the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and local authorities, citing concerns over their treatment of employees and other safeguarding issues.


Her decision to approach the CQC revealed that Gain Healthcare had already been under scrutiny and that her experience was not an isolated incident. As the story went viral, Olinda Chapel took to social media to set the record straight. Posting on her Facebook page, Olinda Chapel revealed that she was well aware of the harassment case against her husband, Tytan.

“I am very much aware that there is a sexual harassment case against Ba Nandi. But trying to come and export me is a very different ball game altogether. I will not be bullied, harassed, or asked to pay anyone off…. so don’t play those games. I am currently unwell. Please leave me alone.

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