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Violet Avoid’s husband responds to the filmmaker’s rumored death

Violet Avoid’s husband, Tichaona Madzikanda, confirms that his wife is alive. This statement follows reports of Violet’s alleged death. Tichaona explains that his wife experienced food poisoning, and those with her mistakenly conveyed incorrect information to individuals on Violet’s contact list, which mostly consists of journalists, falsely claiming that Violet had passed away.

The news spread on Monday night after Violet shared a message which confused many during the day, in her message she had this to say:

We care for our friends, we feel the need to protect them and sometimes they don’t see it. Instead, they take things for granted not seeing the danger at play that not only affects them but also the one who is fighting to protect them.

If they say they do not care about dying yet they claim that if they die they will not rest then they contradict themselves. Wouldn’t it be logical to sign out before sinking into the inevitable danger? Maybe then they would realize that not everything is worth taking for granted

This message was mistaken for a farewell message and false reports started circulating. The husband has made the record straight and it is unfortunate in this digital news age that wrong information can quickly spread.

In other news – ZANU-PF MP Campion Mugweni’s Girlfriends exposed

ZANU-PF MP Campion Mugweni exposed. ZANU-PF MP Campion Mugweni has been implicated in yet another scandal after a video leaked by his wife with all the women he has slept with. It is alleged that Campion used President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s daughter to get into power during the last elections.

Mugweni who was in a relationship with Chido Mnangagwa duped her at the eleventh hour and married another woman after winning the Mazowe North seat. Read More

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