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Elephants wreck havoc in Muzarabani

Villagers in Muzarabani are facing a serious challenge as elephants continue to cause havoc throughout the district. Confirming the situation, Ashton Chiweshe, the district council chairperson, acknowledged the ongoing issue: “I can confirm that elephants are wreaking havoc in Muzarabani. However, our main challenge is that villagers are not using the proper channels to report these incidents to our rangers, who can then intervene.”

Chiweshe emphasized that managing elephant movements requires a coordinated effort involving various stakeholders: “Driving elephants to suitable locations is a collective effort that includes Zimparks, council rangers, and Safari rangers. We have dedicated personnel in Muzarabani, but the effectiveness of their response is hindered when incidents are not reported through the appropriate channels.”

Expressing their concerns, local residents highlighted the severity of the situation, especially as elephants have begun entering their homes: “We are now living in fear because elephants are freely roaming into our villages, damaging both property and crops,” shared one villager anonymously.

The situation underscores the importance of timely reporting and coordinated response efforts to mitigate the impact of human-wildlife conflict in the region.

In other news – South African musician J Molley quits music

South African rapper J Molley has shocked fans by announcing his departure from the music scene. The decision comes shortly after he withdrew from a joint EP project with Emtee.

In a candid statement, J Molley cited frustration with Emtee’s lack of commitment to their music collaboration despite significant investments. He recounted instances where Emtee appeared incapacitated during studio sessions, unable to perform even basic tasks like putting on his shoes or delivering coherent rap verses. Read More

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