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Suspect on the run Jaison Muvhevhi escapes after shootout with police in Rusape

Jaison Muvhevhi has escaped following a shootout with the police in Rusape, national police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Paul Nyathi said dismissing reports that the former Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had been arrested.

As investigations and a hunt for him continues, police located him on Saturday in the Chiduku area near Rusape where it is alleged, a fierce shootout occurred. Nyathi told The Herald:

He is not yet arrested. The suspect fled and left his vehicle and a gun he had taken from the officers. He was located in Chiduku. It is not true that he has been arrested.

It is alleged during the intense exchange of gunfire, Muvhevhi abandoned his Toyota Allion vehicle and escaped on foot.

He is alleged to have fled into the nearby mountain and left a gun in the vehicle.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the hunt for the suspect is ongoing.

Muvhevhi allegedly shot and killed three people in Hwedza on Friday.

He shot and killed a “prophet” from an apostolic sect church before fatally shooting Wedza (Hwedza) Officer In Charge Inspector Maxwell Hove (from Mberengwa) and seriously injured another, who had come to attend to the scene.

He allegedly shot and killed another person at a nearby shopping centre. The officer is said to be in critical condition and is admitted to a local hospital.

In other news – Update on Hwedza shooting: Suspect identified as former CID officer

The Permanent Secretary of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana has said the suspect who went berserk and killed three people in Wedza (Hwedza) on Friday afternoon is a former CID officer.

In a statement, Mangwana said:


Hwedza Police are pursuing a former CID officer Jaison Muvhevhi driving a Toyota Allion Reg AFW 7641 who allegedly fatally shot 3 people dead and critically injured a 4th. He is said to have gone to a religious shrine where he was given an adverse prophecy and went berserk. Learn More

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