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75% of Zimbabwe’s registered voters eager to vote

AT least 75% of registered voters have affirmed their commitment to vote in this year’s general elections, a survey by Brenthurst Foundation has revealed.

In its latest survey of voter opinion, Brenthurst Foundation said 75% of the sampled registered voters indicated that they would certainly vote, while 12% were fairly certain and 7% uncertain.

At least 3% said they would probably not vote, while a nominal percentage said they would definitely not vote when they were asked: “Whenever the next general election comes, how certain are you that you will vote?”Election watchdogs said the interest in voting could be as a result of many factors, especially the need for an escape from poverty because of the country’s endless seemingly socio-economic crisis.

Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust director Ignatius Sadziwa said: “Economic hardships and corrupt systems which are committed with pomp and impunity have suddenly animated a lot of people to take part in the looming election. Another push factor can be parties’ candidates selection activities that have reinvigorated the electorate.”

Zimbabwe Election Support Network chairperson Andrew Makoni weighed in saying this could be as a result of a need for transformation and economic development.

“One hopes that the survey results are a true reflection of the feeling on the ground. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We can only be in a position to affirm the survey results on the D-day. Such surveys are scientific and if publicised may encourage fence sitters to exercise their right to vote, which will be a victory for democracy,” he said.

Source: bulawayo24

In other news- Diaporans hold ‘Gold Mafia’ protests

Dozens of Zimbabweans based in the United Kingdom (UK) yesterday protested at the Zimbabwe and United Arab Emirates embassies in London demanding the arrest of all those implicated in a recent gold smuggling and money laundering documentary produced by Al Jazeeranews.com

gold mafia

The placard-waving protesters accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of being reluctant to arrest his allies implicated in the alleged scam. Learn more

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