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Hopewell Chin’ono applauds Mudiwa Hood for helping Paradzai Mesi

Businessman and gospel rapper Mudiwa Hood has been trending on social media following his kind gesture on fellow musician Paradzai Mesi.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has shared his thoughts after Shadaya Knight criticized Mudiwa’s help saying he didn’t have to go public he could have helped the sungura musician privately. Chin’ono wrote:

“There are many things that I disagree with Mudiwa Hood but this is not one of them. He helped a man who was humiliated on camera, what is wrong with retaining his dignity on camera on the same platforms which exposed the man in chains?

Mudiwa is running a business, he helped a fellow artist, and this help will also make others want to buy his products.

Big companies do it, why not Mudiwa?

My only issue with Mudiwa is that he supports a regime that has brought this economic humiliation to millions of Zimbabweans. Helping this man is noble, but we can’t live from handouts, what happens to those who were not filmed?”

Social media users have also applauded Mudiwa Hood.

In other news – Ramaphosa building a concrete border wall between SA and Mozambique

The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government had decided to resume construction of a concrete wall along the South Africa/Mozambique border to curb the theft of motor vehicles and the movement of illicit goods.

The Provincial Executive Council announced this week that anti–crime-fighting operations will be intensified in the province, as announced by Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube in the State of the Province Address. Combatting cross-border crimes is high on the agenda, especially as most smuggling of stolen vehicles happens along the border with Mozambique, of which KwaZulu-Natal shares an important portion.Learn More

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