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Takura drops 3 new songs

Award-winning artist, Takura, has once again graced us with his exceptional music. This time, he has released a brand new EP entitled “Waiting Room,” consisting of three tracks that are sure to leave fans captivated and wanting more.


The EP was produced by three talented producers: Gangstamade, Spirit Fingers, and Young Nash, all of whom have helped craft a unique and fresh sound that perfectly complements Takura’s style. The EP promises to take listeners on a journey through soulful melodies and catchy beats, showcasing Takura’s versatility as an artist.


“Waiting Room” is not only a showcase of Takura’s talent as a musician but also serves as an excellent example of the quality of musical productions coming out of Zimbabwe. Takura has been a trailblazer in the music scene for many years, and this new EP is undoubtedly another feather in his cap.

Source: ZimCelebs

In other news – Seh Calaz attacks Freeman – “Hauna kubvira waita threat kwandiri”

In a recent Facebook post, Bhanditi leader Seh Calaz appeared to take aim at fellow artist Freeman, stating that he has never been a threat to him and never will be.

In the post, Seh Calaz wrote : “hauna kubvira waita threat kwandiri and you will never be” and mentioned that besides the pepper spray issue, the artist was no longer visiting the ghetto and had not added the DZ artists to the performance list: “, besides zve pepper spray,hauchapinde ghetto, ma artist e ghetto rako wakamajamba, and kungotadza kutaura nevanhu” he wrote. Learn More

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