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Healthy workforce key to economic development says Chiwenga

The government has stressed the importance of having a fit and motivated labour force in the nation’s quest to attain national development goals.

Vice President General (Retired) Dr Constantino Chiwenga, who addressed affiliates comprising religious groups and the general workforce, said employers should provide for a conducive working environment while noting government strides in improving workers’ welfare.“Zimbabwe came into being as a result of resilience and fierce fighting hence preserving it requires its citizenry to be fit enough. A healthy nation is a fit nation. Employers should provide for conducive working conditions for workers,” he noted.

“We decided to celebrate this day in a different manner in a complementary way in celebrating the second republic achievements under His Excellency, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.”

“Let me assure you that the Second Republic will always be aware and sensitive to the needs of its workforce that is why the government is at the forefront in negotiations,” he added.

He also spoke on the symbolic march by the affiliates, likening it to the long road to national independence achieved through people’s resilience.“You have marked this day in a different way the nation is built by fit people not the bedridden, let it be an annual event. You have reminded the liberation war cadres on their wartime navigating past long routes on foot,” he went on.

“The resilience you have shown is what they went through and this should translate to economic resilience. Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo,” he reiterated.

The ruling party’s leadership noted that the initiative is on point in terms of amassing its tally in the upcoming general elections.

ZANU PF National Political Commissar Dr Mike Bimha noted, “The party has been receiving several affiliate organisations as a result of the good policy interventions coming and we will gather more who are like-minded as we go into the elections.”The same sentiments were echoed by ZANU PF Harare Province chairperson, Cde Godwills Masimirembwa, who asserted, “This is a good initiative as we head towards the elections to have professionals church among others in full support of the ruling party, hence the opposition has no chance.”

The ruling party has several affiliate organisations from religious, humanitarian and professional circles in its ranks, as the party targets to amass 5 million votes in the impending general elections.

Source: zbcnews

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