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Govt blacklists 13 contractors for channelling funds into black market says Mthuli

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube on Monday announced that the government has blacklisted 13 contractors for channelling funds to the illegal foreign exchange market as it steps up efforts to stabilise the local currency and contain inflation.

The blacklisting of the 13 companies, which is the second in 5 months, comes after the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) exposed the entities for unlawful conduct.The blacklisted companies include Casha Designs (Pvt) Ltd, Re-net Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Malfran Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Difflock Construction (Pvt) Ltd, Staman Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Guide Marketing (Pvt) Ltd, Nodship Investments Pvt Ltd and Infinity Hire Pvt Ltd.

Others include Nomalanga Marketing Pvt Ltd, Gift Mwayers t/a Mwayera Transport Pvt Ltd, Mukota Haulage and Buses, Ofixmore Marketing Pvt Ltd and Blecia Investments.

“Having monitored various financial transactions with a view to plug parallel market dealings, the FIU has observed that these companies are siphoning their proceeds to the parallel market, thus triggering domestic inflationary pressures.

Source: bulawayo24

In other news- Takura drops 3 new songs

Award-winning artist, Takura, has once again graced us with his exceptional music. This time, he has released a brand new EP entitled “Waiting Room,” consisting of three tracks that are sure to leave fans captivated and wanting more.


The EP was produced by three talented producers: Gangstamade, Spirit Fingers, and Young Nash, all of whom have helped craft a unique and fresh sound that perfectly complements Takura’s style. The EP promises to take listeners on a journey through soulful melodies and catchy beats, showcasing Takura’s versatility as an artist. Learn more

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